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Important Kettlebell Holding Positions

Important Kettlebell Holding Positions


The kettlebell is a simple workout instrument that nevertheless provides multiple benefits for the body. It is shaped like a solid iron sphere with a lighter handle attached to one end. Due to its unique shape, the kettlebell can be held and moved in various ways; unlike traditional training tools.

As a trainer, you will learn all about the important ways you can hold the kettlebell during your kettlebell training at

The Two Handed Position

This is one of the first kettlebell holding positions you will learn while doing your kettlebell certifications. The kettlebell is an off-balance heavy instrument and it is best to begin by lifting it with both hands. You should also be careful about the weight you select in order to avoid injuries. This holding position is most commonly used for workouts such as the two handed swing or the two handed deadlift. Holding and moving the kettlebell with both hands is most suited to build your strength and flexibility before moving on to other holding positions.

The Single Handed Position

This is an extremely popular holding position and is used in fact for most kettlebell workouts. As is evident, in this position you hold the kettlebell and move it with just one hand. The single handed holding position is used in workouts such as the kettlebell row, variations of the single arm deadlift, high pulls, single arm swings or while placing the kettlebell in a racked position.

The single handed holding position strengthens your shoulder, forearms and core while helping you to perfect your grip.

Holding the Kettlebell by its Body

This is another holding position you will learn during your kettlebell courses. There are several workouts such as the two handed overhead press, variations or lunges and so on where it is most convenient to hold the kettlebell by its body at your chest level. In this position, the kettlebell is held with both your thumbs wrapping the handle while the rest of your fingers hold the body. However, you master your grip first as if you do not use the right grip, the heavy kettlebell can slide off your hands and hurt you.

The Goblet Holding Position

This is a unique holding position used during workouts such as the goblet squat and the kettlebell halo . In this position, the kettlebell is held by both hands only at the horns and can be quite strenuous on your wrists. This holding position is also great for improving and perfecting your grip.

The Racked Holding Position

This is one of the fundamental kettlebell holding positions you will learn as you progress with your kettlebell courses. In this position, you hold the kettlebell in one hand and place it comfortable against your chest at shoulder level. The arm holding the kettlebell stays tucked into your side, the wrist is kept straight and the shoulder is kept slightly down. Once you have mastered this, you should be able to hold the kettlebell in this position for long without getting fatigued. This position is used in several workouts such as the overhead press, the clean and variations of the lunge and squat. For more on kettlebell positions, check out Functional Fitness Courses

Many females will get plastic surgery and hire a personal trainer to feel better

SFTV Plastic Surgeons can help a person get into great shape. There are many procedures that will help a woman get the perfect body including the removal of extra fat. Cool sculpting, liposuction, a tummy tuck and other procedures can help a women look fit and trim. After having any of these fat removing procedures done or even many women still hire a personal trainer to help keep them in shape.

Plastic surgery can help a woman get a perfect body quickly. However the results are not going to last forever. If a woman has fat removed from her body but does not change her eating habits or exercise she can gain the weight right back. In order to keep the fat off many women hire a personal trainer.

They now have the body they want but they need to be able to keep it. The personal trainer will keep them in shape and help them keep the extra fat off. If the woman works out she is more likely to keep her body in the shape she paid so much for. It is hard to change eating habits as well. Having a brownie once in a while is not bad.

Having a brownie everyday is not so good. It does take time for eating habits to change.

The personal trainer can help recommend a diet plan and help change eating habits. Together with this new healthy lifestyle and exercise plan the woman should be able to keep her body in top shape. Many women need some motivation to exercise. The personal trainer will not take any excuses. The trainer will have the woman working out even if she does not feel like it.

When a woman has fat removed from her body she is going to see some improvement in her health. However, plastic surgery done at does not improve the function of the heart. Many women who are looking to get healthy will hire a personal trainer to work on cardio with them. They are now looking good but it does not mean that they are healthy.

To keep the heart and the body strong a woman does have to exercise. The personal trainer will help keep her healthy and keep the body in shape both inside and outside

Plastic surgery can help a woman get the body she has been dreaming of including the best nose jobs in Sydney. She can instantly have fat removed and look great. It is going to take some work to keep this new body free of fat. This is why many women hire a personal trainer after having plastic surgery. The personal trainer can help a woman stay in shape and toned. Plastic surgery is a way to get in shape but working out with a personal trainer is a way to keep in shape and keep the body toned.

3 Pros and Cons of Bootcamps in Hyde Park

The awareness about fitness and maintaining body shape has reached to the masses the way it never had before. People are trying different ways to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Though, it seems very difficult for the average people to go to gym regularly or take out time for jogging or to compromise on their cravings by leaving their favorite food untouched. So people are adapting to new method and yet a successful one for the purpose. This is bootcamps in Hyde Park, which are helping people shedding off their excess fat and get attractive shape.

These bootcamps are arranged in large open places such as parks, and gardens where a number of different physical activities are carried out. The camps are arranged for short time periods that may last from a few weeks to 3 months. In a camp, usually there are 10 to 20 participants in a group and the activities are conducted in groups. Beside all these positive aspects of bootcamps in Hyde Park, there are many pros and many cons to it.

Pros of bootcamps in Hyde Park :

The most important aspect and the main aim of the bootcamps in Hyde Park  is to help people stay fit, maintained and healthy. This object is achieved by vigorous physical exercises and challenges such as races, running, jumping, pushups, pull-ups, yoga squats etc. All the activities are carried out in open air that makes you close to the nature and refresh your mind and soul.

The most important benefit of such bootcamps in Hyde Park is that they provide a very healthy time out of your routine life. If you are tired of daily chores of life or want to try something different out of the way, it the best place to join in. The workouts are far different from the ones that are structured in gyms. There is no feeling of boredom as you get in gyms. You enjoy activities in bootcamps in Hyde Park and have great fun.

DF PT  make sure the activities within bootcamps in Hyde Park are group based and that will provide you a good opportunity to mingle and interact with different people. You make new friends and exercise in a friendly environment. You get motivations from your camp mates and their encouraging words make you stick to it.

These bootcamps are also preferred for those who want to reduce weight rapidly. The exercises and workouts are not focused on a single body part; instead, you move your all joints in these camps. The series of physical challenges are there that you have to attempt without taking a break. This burns a lot of your calories in a very short span of time and the results are visible within a few days.

The bootcamps in Hyde Park are also a good option for elderly people who need a company for themselves. They can keep themselves in movement by physical activities that suit their health. The camps are great option when you are stressed out or when feeling low and depressed. They provide a great source of distraction to your problems and release chemicals in your body that make you happy.

Cons of bootcamps in Hyde Par :

Although there are many benefits of bootcamps in Hyde Park but there are some cons to them as well. It is a very important in the success of the camp to have a qualified, experienced and skilled trainer. He is the one who can design different activities and exercises keeping in mind the needs of the group. The series of workouts are vast that include cardio, jogging, yoga, hiking and a lot more. If the exercises are too hard for you to carry on, speak it out. It is very obvious that in the starting of the training, our body sore but if it is unbearable go for easier workouts.

The camps have a negative point that the DF PT has to provide his attention to the group. You cannot get that individual attention of the trainer that you get in gyms. So it is also important to consult a physician before joining such bootcamps if you have any health issue. Choose the group according to your needs and requirements. Don’t go for harder exercises that you cannot carry out.