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Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

Choosing a personal trainer may sound easy, but to get the best possible deal for your specific requirements, you would do well to follow some of the tips mentioned below:

It takes time and effort

Transforming your body to reach a stage of fitness and good health takes time and effort. You have to concentrate on personal training and eat right to make progress. Some of the workouts may appear hard but you have to push your body sometimes till it hurts and you feel your mind being drained.

Unless you are willing to undergo such efforts, you will not find it easy to transform. So look for a personal trainer that has a Cert 3 fitness trainer certification

When designing circuits for someone just starting to work out, you should check out the following –

  • What is the person’s fitness level?
  • Does the person have the ability to go through the exercise?
  • Is the person capable of producing results?
  • Can the person make the required recovery?

A cardio circuit would focus on cardio exercises. Such exercises would take care of alternate and opposite groups of muscles, body parts or motion planes. This pattern of exercising would allow particular groups of muscles to recover and not get fatigued.

Although basically meant for beginners the programme exercises could be increased as required. What is ideal for this type of kettlebell circuit is the work-and-rest ratio.

You can choose times to suit the length of your class and the level of fitness of your clients i.e. ensure there are proper warming up and cooling down periods. A one minute recovery period coupled with a water break would help the participants to be ready for the next round.

Recommended exercises would include:

  • Movement of the hip bridge for the core
  • Elevated push-ups meant for the upper body
  • Squats meant for the lower body
  • Bodyweight rows meant for the upper body
  • Plans – meant for the core
  • Jumping Jacks to exercise the whole body
  • Lateral skis meant for the whole body
  • Reverse lunges meant for the lower body
  • Fitness Australia kettlebell courses

Clients can be asked what they are presently doing to keep fit. Also whether they find keeping fit to be difficult. The clients will need to introspect to find answers but subsequently it will help them to shift their focus from external obstacles to internal opportunities they may have available.

Fitness Australia CEC certification courses show personal trainers how to train with kettlebell properly so that you don’t risk injury.

It is how you approach the topic that can start a change. Such an approach will help especially beginner clients, to be more resilient, stronger in their resolve and more confident.

3 Pros and Cons of Bootcamps in Hyde Park

The awareness about fitness and maintaining body shape has reached to the masses the way it never had before. People are trying different ways to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Though, it seems very difficult for the average people to go to gym regularly or take out time for jogging or to compromise on their cravings by leaving their favorite food untouched. So people are adapting to new method and yet a successful one for the purpose. This is bootcamps in Hyde Park, which are helping people shedding off their excess fat and get attractive shape.

These bootcamps are arranged in large open places such as parks, and gardens where a number of different physical activities are carried out. The camps are arranged for short time periods that may last from a few weeks to 3 months. In a camp, usually there are 10 to 20 participants in a group and the activities are conducted in groups. Beside all these positive aspects of bootcamps in Hyde Park, there are many pros and many cons to it.

Pros of bootcamps in Hyde Park :

The most important aspect and the main aim of the bootcamps in Hyde Park  is to help people stay fit, maintained and healthy. This object is achieved by vigorous physical exercises and challenges such as races, running, jumping, pushups, pull-ups, yoga squats etc. All the activities are carried out in open air that makes you close to the nature and refresh your mind and soul.

The most important benefit of such bootcamps in Hyde Park is that they provide a very healthy time out of your routine life. If you are tired of daily chores of life or want to try something different out of the way, it the best place to join in. The workouts are far different from the ones that are structured in gyms. There is no feeling of boredom as you get in gyms. You enjoy activities in bootcamps in Hyde Park and have great fun.

DF PT  make sure the activities within bootcamps in Hyde Park are group based and that will provide you a good opportunity to mingle and interact with different people. You make new friends and exercise in a friendly environment. You get motivations from your camp mates and their encouraging words make you stick to it.

These bootcamps are also preferred for those who want to reduce weight rapidly. The exercises and workouts are not focused on a single body part; instead, you move your all joints in these camps. The series of physical challenges are there that you have to attempt without taking a break. This burns a lot of your calories in a very short span of time and the results are visible within a few days.

The bootcamps in Hyde Park are also a good option for elderly people who need a company for themselves. They can keep themselves in movement by physical activities that suit their health. The camps are great option when you are stressed out or when feeling low and depressed. They provide a great source of distraction to your problems and release chemicals in your body that make you happy.

Cons of bootcamps in Hyde Par :

Although there are many benefits of bootcamps in Hyde Park but there are some cons to them as well. It is a very important in the success of the camp to have a qualified, experienced and skilled trainer. He is the one who can design different activities and exercises keeping in mind the needs of the group. The series of workouts are vast that include cardio, jogging, yoga, hiking and a lot more. If the exercises are too hard for you to carry on, speak it out. It is very obvious that in the starting of the training, our body sore but if it is unbearable go for easier workouts.

The camps have a negative point that the DF PT has to provide his attention to the group. You cannot get that individual attention of the trainer that you get in gyms. So it is also important to consult a physician before joining such bootcamps if you have any health issue. Choose the group according to your needs and requirements. Don’t go for harder exercises that you cannot carry out.